Adscend Media Review reviewHave you ever tried to monetize your websites or your free giveaways? And have you heard something about Adscend Media? If you are a little bit confused with the fact of how these two questions relate each other, then attentively read and memorize the following. My choice fell exactly on this company for a particular reason. And the reason is quite clear and simple. Among all existing and non-existing CPA networks, which are suitable and convenient to be worked with, you will never find anything better than Adscend Media.

So, what is the main aim of this article? My Adscend Media review is going to help you to understand how this kind of network can benefit you and what kind of hidden rocks you can face during the work process. It is very important to choose that CPA company which will be not only helpful and useful but also time and money saving. I will describe main advantages and offers of Adscend Media, including its dashboard and tools, which are quite easy to navigate.

Compelling Reasons Why to Join Adscend Media Now

This article briefly describes only a few major qualities of the network. Firstly, you will be able to use a content locker function, which means the ability to send different visitors to various offers depending on the countries they come from. Secondly, you will have a chance to divide your traffic between two or more offers, monitoring which one is the best executed. Also, you will receive a little bonus in the form of link shortener with surveys. Now your links can serve you twice better.

There is one more extremely interesting tool, which requires your undivided attention. That is a special tracking instrument, which monitors the visitor load in a highly professional and accurate way. It is even more impressive than Google Analytics. And as we know, tracking takes a leading role in this business.

Some More Words about Content Locker

Adscendmedia.comThis option really deserves a close attention because of its multifunctionality and performance diversity. It allows you to choose particular offers, which will be shown to specific visitors or to specific countries, or to choose which countries will be cut out from your content. Moreover, the support system of the company is absolutely great. It functions through Skype and via tickets as well.

Adscend Media Review Findings

To sum up everything mentioned above, this network is pretty usable. But of course, it is not perfect the same way as everything else. There is one little pitfall in this media network. It doesn’t enable to modify any offer or to make a «vip» offer particularly for you. Having this kind of option would be really convenient for users.

To get more insight on the company, read a brief info below.

  • Company Name: Adscend Media
  • Country: United States
  • Minimum Payment: $50
  • Commission Type: CPA, CPL, CPS, Content Gateway, Product Locking
  • Payment Frequency: NET30
  • Payment Method: Paypal, Cheque, ACH, Wire

To make a long story short, Adscend Media definitely deserves your attention because of its numerous positive features and functions.

I hope this review is helpful enough for you to take a final decision. But in case you haven’t decided yet, visit