CPImobi Review

CPImobi is a huge complex of services to boost any kind of applications. This software matches those developers who have already created own application and want to make it popular among target audience.

Why this network has become popular? Because the number of downloads influences on the general ranking of the application in the mobile store. As more installs it has as more attention the software will get. It is well-known that people trust someone else’s experience, so they will rather choose an app with 1000+ downloads than the same one with only 100.

Company Name: CPImobi
Minimum Payment: 50$
Payment Method: PayPal, Wire

That’s why using digital marketplaces as CPImobi is a wise way for all developers. Thank to network principles it would be valued by both app developers and advertisers. This CPImobi review is dedicated to show its advantages and disadvantages for potential customers.

How to give it a try

cpimobi reviewCustomers should follow several recommendations and register in this network. So visit cpimobi.com and click the bottom ‘Get started’. With a quick wizard you will get access to online dashboard in less than 5 minutes.

Then it’s turn to create your first campaign. Add a little information to the network. And it will do anything for you. After a little wait while it get a moderation approval the campaign will be done it short time. Notice that the duration of campaign execution depends on its type and number of installs.
In general, the process of running the campaign looks quite simple and doesn’t require from users special skills. But in any case there is a 24/7 customer support that will stand for your interest. So all customers are free to ask for consultation if they need.

Particularities of app promotion with the CPImobi

1. Delivering real installs
Thanks to this app your application will get more installs on users’ devices. The main point is that the general quantity of customers includes only real people, but not bots and fake accounts. Those networks that use listed above methods risk the app reputation. CMImobi is concerned on ‘white’ approaches. It means that you wouldn’t worry about fake installs and mobile store penalties.

2. Ability to concern on wide or narrow target audience
This software allows customers to choose the location the main promo influence will be spread. For instance, if your application will be useful for baseball fans you should concern all efforts on Americans. So with the CPImobi software you are free to pick up one country, several of them, or the whole world. It helps to make promotion as effective as possible.

3. Easy way to start without additional installations
Most users will definitely appreciate an opportunity to start advertising by inserting a link at official website. Frankly speaking, someone did feed up with need to install heavy software to own personal computer. As real customers in their CPImobi reviews insist the preparation for app promotion requires no longer than 5 minutes. So save own time and increase the final result of own efforts.

Now more than 2 million customers use CPImobi to promote their application. Do you think they will cooperate with CPImobi if it doesn’t bring results? Of course no. This make you try this network and share your opinion with other customers.

So customers don’t lose anything if they try cpimobi.com, vise verse they can get a huge background for own application and promote it. Of course, this network is not perfect, but lots of advantages should push developers and advertisers to try it in own interests. Be sure that this application will improve the popularity of your software.