Keenmobi Review

You can’t promote your app without great efforts. By this reason special services were created. And one of them is Keenmobi. This network is meant to help both Android and iOS developers, because its instruments match both operating systems.
It includes all kinds of mobile promotion, so with you will get a final network that is ready to boost your application.

Company Name: Keenmobi

Minimum Payment: 99$

Payment Method: credit or debit cards, PayPal and Wire Transfer

Let’s face with the key features of this software and decide does it deserve your try or not. The following Keenmobi review will explain how to use it, which features are unique, how to start wise promotion, etc.
Keenmobi includes 3 great features

App optimization

This process means your description, title and other text content will be optimized according to requirements to keywords. It helps the store search engine to rank app pages according o relevant factors. This key step in any product promotion helps in search and the next two are concerned on the increasing of customers’ loyalty.

The amount of installation

As more downloads are as high will be the interest of target audience. All Keenmobi reviews insist that users pay much attention to developer reputation, and the number of installs shows its level. That’s why the amount of installs is so important for each product.

Excellent reviews

keenmobi reviewHave you ever seen the apps where the general ratio is 2.0 and customers continue to mark it with 1 or 2 stars? Such products are meant to fail and never get in demand. That’s why positive reviews can change your software fate. But all testimonials must be real, describe both hits and misses, because otherwise they could be marked as spam and huge advertising.

How to start using this software

Keenmobi helps developers that are on different levels. It becomes possible because of 3 main packages. Every customer may choose one from Starter, Advanced, and Pro. They differ from each other because of amount of installs, reviews, starts, search optimization, personal management, and time of delivery

By this reason every new customer should choose the proper package. Of course, the best one is Pro because it includes all facilities. But at the same time it is the most expensive. Remember, that each Keenmobi feature deserves each cent.

And here is the additional advantage of the Keenmobi. It has statistics that will help developers to improve their product promotion. Use this data no matter what package you bought.

Who will like Keenmobi?

  • Brand new apps. If its page in the store is empty then no one will install it. People prefer to use verified products and never trust unknown developers. Thanks to you are able to make your app reliable in eyes of your target audience.
  • Programs with negative reputations. Such situation is even worse than the previous. If people notice negative reviews they will remember you and never change their minds. Even great bonuses wouldn’t save you. In this case you should think about the app reputation beforehand and prevent negative testimonials with Keenmobi.
  • Current application which are downloaded time after time. Maybe you have already a little army of followers, but the amount of them can be much better. With the Keenmobi you can increase the number of app downloads, positive reviews, ranking in store search, and general popularity.

If you visit you will be amazed with the usability and quality of their website. It means that the developers of this product pay lots attention to own reputation. And if they are keen in making own brand you can definitely trust them yours.